As The Wheel Turns

by Lead The Assault

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RobSiab Superb melodies supported by catchy, heavy hitting drumming and vocals. A very solid melodic metalcore release not to be missed! Favorite track: Ghosts.
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released February 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Lead The Assault Gold Coast, Australia

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Track Name: Ghosts
I can't be seen
By anything, or anyone
I am a ghost
Living in a world that's forgotten me
And right here I'll stay
Hiding in the shadows plotting my revenge
On those who left my side
I feel betrayed by the people who hurt my pride

I am the ghost
Track Name: Iron Throne
Oh my god the King is dead
The stench of betrayal chokes me up
I cannot bear to live amongst this mess
You took his life
Now the burden of your head will be
Taken away with the strike of my blade

Now that I'm stronger I feel you getting weaker
Guilt eats your insides I need to avenge my Father
Now is the time to strike I can wait now longer
Infiltrate your guards I kill them one by one
You soulless face is sitting upon my throne
You know your future death stands right before you
You plea for your life I will never pity you
I take out my blade, reclaim my Father's kingdom

I take the throne
I take the throne
I take back to the iron throne

This is my kingdom, these are my people. I will never let you down
This is my kingdom, these are my people. I will never let you down
This is my kingdom, these are my people. I will never let you down

I take the throne, I take the throne, I take the fucking throne
I take the throne, I take the throne, I take the fucking throne
Track Name: Valheru
It feels like yesterday, that I was standing next to you
And now I'm reaching out, for what I used to have
But I can't feel you, and now that you have left us
I don't feel like I can cope.
It's hard to keep your head high, when you have lost everything and more

Now that you're gone my whole life just caved in
Everything I knew got ripped apart
And I can't deal without you

When you were here I feel like I took you for granted
Now I feel fucking heartless
'Cause I didn't tell you how much, how much you mean
You're my whole world

I wish you never had to let us go, but we all have reasons
And I just wanted you to know, that everything I do now, I do it for you because...
You mean the world, you mean the world to me
You mean the world, you mean the world to me
Track Name: Destabilise
Sent here from the present I'm lively as the strobing sky
We can live forever, I know that we'll never die
All that we are seeing has another closed door inside
The breeze will speak the season as our senses destabilise.
Track Name: As The Wheel Turns
The wheel of life keeps spinning and time will catch us all
I hold the weight of this world upon my shoulders
Until the day I fall
It takes me to the edge to contemplate the end
of all that we have ever known
Today I battle on

I've grown stronger now, my power's rising up to
Challenge anyone that hates this world
This burden's mine alone, yet what I hold most dear
Is this planet that I call my home
The invaders have come and threaten all our lives
but until the end I'll sacrifice
Another day of this hell though all the pain I have felt
To be a hero, that this world has never known.

I'm not able to win this fight, my power wanes
I can't believe the wheel has lead me to this fate
But all this time my one regret was that I failed my final task
To rectify this world
In the end this form was never enough

Despite the weight of this world
That I have carried alone.
Track Name: The Animus
I can't seem to wake up
From this reoccurring dream
I don't know what real anymore
I can't seem to clear my mind

Every step I take feels like it's leading me to nowhere
All alone I've lost all hope
I try to pick myself up
But I keep on falling
But I keep on falling
Now my reality's crumbling, it's crashing down on my
It's tell me, telling me to never return
This place is hell

Now I don't know, what i feel anymore
I've numbed the pain of all the hate
That's tried, tried to break me
Climb the walls and flee the district
I'm better of this way
I know I'm better of this way
We're better off this way
I know I am better off this way
Like this